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Hey guys! Welcome to my tumblr! My name is Emily, but you can call me Emi or whatever you deem fit!
I am an 18 year old, just graduated high school with no real plans for the future. I'll be attending community college in the fall but until then... I am just going to do my best to waste my time away.
My tumblr is just a mix of everything I like so if you do follow me for certain things I can't well... it is not always certain that they will come back, it is a just when I feel or see it type thing! Well, I hope you had fun reading this! Don't be afraid to talk to me or ask questions, I'm always here!

Next year my mom wants to go to sdcc… She also wants to go to Austin.

Guess who is going to try and convince her to do both and schedule Austin the same time RTX is going on~

Hahaha…ha… But my mom never sticks to a plan… I was promised a puppy this weekend… We went to the foster lady’s house to play with the puppy… I didn’t get a puppy.

My nights now consist of me sitting in my room, listening to music while reading all my x-men and walking dead comics…


Ughhhhhh I don’t do anything.
But yo! I make the money tomorrow and Tuesday! Got me a babysitting job!


Oghren: Do chantry sisters wear bras?

Leliana: no bc the maker supports everything amen 

(via combatcleric)


Short video of the first episode of Supernatural Season 10!!

(via fieldcate)

Tane redesigned her oc Yukiko and since I love that oc and it was the thing that made us friends I decided to draw her too~Ahhh such a cutie!I am getting really happy at how fast I can do these waist up drawings and I forgot how good this style was to draw in QAQ
idk man. what is art.
Wearing new clothes always make me feel happy. And yoooo my whole family is doing a low carb diet with me. Let’s do thissssss
Haha… I need to stop going to the mall. I buy too much stuff.